Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Last Vestiges of Winter

The Oquirrh mountains. (A weird Utah name)
Hi all,
Not much riding this week. Early in the week we enjoyed a lovely snowstorm that dropped around a foot of snow from Ogden, northwards to Logan. This really shouldn’t have been an issue for me down in Layton, except that I was up in Brigham City during the snow! It was such a lovely day.
A welcome sight on the road...
I will give compliments to UDOT; they did an excellent job of keeping the highway cleaned off, and the drive home was not near as terrifying as it could have been.
Spring just makes one want to run and jump!
I did get a ride today, a nice climb up to Fernwood. I wanted to see if the last vestiges of snow had receded from the trailhead, and whether or not I would be mountain biking anytime soon. Alas, there is still a lot of snow, and the road to the trailhead is still full of snow. I did meet a nice young man while I stopped to take pictures. He told me he had fat tireson his mountain bike, and was going to try and ride the trail anyway! Kids. For me, I enjoyed a nice warm climb, and a frozen descent back to the house.
This gentleman had enjoyed a nice climbing run...
In other news, I was reading the paper the other day, and as is my practice, I always read the Lost and Found ads. Sometimes I find something humorous, and this time was no exception. Read the ad below. Oh, for one comma!
No further comment necessary...
Lastly, I can report that the construction project at my church, Aldersgate UMC is about finished! Tomorrow, we will enjoy working in our new sound room with new speakers, new amps, the sound board has been relocated, and except for moving some lighting controls, we are all done. It has been an exciting three months. I have learned a lot about wiring, framing, and the joy of a job completed. Next up, installing the new projector!
A nice construction still life from last Saturday...
The weather forecast is good this week; I should get some nice miles Monday and Tuesday
See you down the road.


Travis said...

Hey i got on to your blog page and i was reading some of the stuff and all the sudden i saw a kid running down the hill and i was surprised. It was me. Thanks for putting me on there i appreciate it. I am still going to try that trail so i'll let you know how it is. I will try and keep looking on here and talking to you.

Paul said...

I think it is disturbing to think of you taking photos while driving on the freeway in the snow.

Tell me you were stopped?

Poiter H said...

Only one month to go???
Excited yet?

Katherine said...

Travis - why don't you start your own blog? You look like the sort of person who would have some interesting stories too. :-)

Anonymous said...


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