Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let There be Light...and Hoops!

I want one of these, anyone know what it does?

And for those you not paying attention to silliness in sports, it's time for the annual prayer and tea leaves experiment. Fill out your brackets, yet?

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Friday Night Lights

The pool at Marie-Kerr Park in Palmdale. Note the deluxe parking for the Surly on the left...
The end of this week marked a stretch of 6 straight workout days. How did I get all of this free time? Well, with Kathy still in Utah for the Women’s Walk to Emmaus, things are quiet around here. So, after work, I made time to work on most of the three disciplines of triathlon. This week’s emphasis? Riding and swimming.
One of Lifeguards rides to work too - riding this classy fixie. Note the purple rim!
The pool is open for evening lap swimming on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That made the plan easy. Monday swim. Tuesday spin-intervals. Wednesday swim (WINDY!). Thursday spin-intervals AND ride. Friday swim. Of course, I did ride the Surly to the pool all three days.
Quartz Hill Swimmers finishing up...
How was the pool? Very productive; I got in 1400-1500 yards each night. I work on freestyle intervals, breaststroke, kick-board work, and pulling sets. My endurance level is improving slowly. I actually swam a couple of 200-yard sets on the last day. On a positive note, I met the head coach of Quartz Hill High School’s Junior Varsity swim team. A nice fellow, he has given me some better sets to work with, and lets me start my workout early in the last lane before their workout is over
No comment necessary...
Today? Well, to end the week, 20-miles on the bike. Where did I go? Running errands. At near $4.00/gallon here in CA, one begins to think twice about whether or not the errand at hand can be done by bike! One idea you might try; Checkout this link to the 2-Mile Challenge. You will be amazed at how much of your travel is within 2-miles from your house!
I remember leaping off these a long time ago...
I will have to admit quite a bit of weariness in my legs as I wandered home today. I wonder why! Perhaps tomorrow, I will rest. The big jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table still has about 100 pieces to go!
See you later this week.