Sunday, February 24, 2008

Doing Different Things

Why ride bikes when I can spoil my grandson instead!
Greetings all.
I hope that this lately ignored blog still has any readership, but for the few of you still out there that might still have me bookmarked, I appreciate you, and will now provide an update.
A month without writing, a month without riding, amazing that time goes by so quickly. Not that I have been sitting around on my butt, it just seems like many things occurred and I had to change my priorities a bit. And before you know it, it’s almost March.

The PHL control tower from my hotel.
What have I been doing? Well, for one, I have been traveling. I enjoyed a week working in Atlantic City, NJ testing new software for the FAA. It’s big, it’s expensive, and it’s called: ERAM. It’s all very technical, and I won’t bore you with details, but basically it revamps the automation system for air traffic control. Want to know more? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you in 2.5 billion dollars. Also, Kathy and I spent a long weekend in Barrington, Illinois, spoiling our grandson, Brian. Now, that WAS fun!
I "only" took 175 pictures in three days!

Ain't he cute?
Toys, lots of toys to play with!
And, I have commenced the project that every homeowner enjoys the most: remodeling. We are tearing out and remodeling two of our three bathrooms. We had intended to start later in the year, but the ancient plumbing didn’t read our calendar! So, all my extra time the last few weeks have been with some type of hammer in my hand. Ever break a cast iron bathtub in half? It’s an excellent method of stress relief. Just grab a 10 lb sledge and get angry! Disclaimer: Heavy gloves, eye and ear protection are highly recommended.
Note the panel without wonder that shower has been so (*%&$( cold!
And lastly, it’s February, and time for the Walk To Emmaus Retreats. Preparing for the Walks involve a bazillion phone calls, E-mails, and planning meetings. So, a busy time here at the homestead. For two empty nesters, we sure spend a lot 18-hour days!
So, where does cycling and training fit in to this wintry time? Way down the list. But, the snow has melted off the street. (As I write this it is pouring rain, and 44 degrees) and weather and time permitting, safe to ride. The clock is ticking and the May long rides are fast approaching. Thank goodness most of the chocolate is out of the house! I know I spoke of lofty goals and a good winter training season, but life has intervened, and I will just keep moving forward as best I can.
My snow pile at maximum, nearly 6 ft. tall!
And lastly, if you made it this far, I leave you with a treat. One of our fine controllers at the center is an outstanding landscape photographer. JP has been very helpful and has been mentoring me a bit in digital photography. He stopped by the other day and dropped of a note with a link to his web page. Dear reader, I highly recommend stopping by his link here. Please enjoy his fine work.
That’s all the news from here. I promise to write more regular posts.