Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Links and a few Extras..

Eucalyptus bloom...
Just time for a brief note this week. Enjoy a few extra pictures from our trip to Goleta two weeks ago.

I still enjoy black and white...
Also, you may (or may not) notice the updated link tab. Today, I am adding The Argyle Sweater, a completely random cartoon that a coworker shared with me. It's pretty funny, and when you need a laugh, the tab is there for you.

And for you folks that are in need of Rum Therapy, check out my brother and sister in-law's new link. The page is full of excellent travel and relaxation ideas.

Three straight weeks of sunshine, minus the blustery wind! Most odd, most enjoyable.
See you next week,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Mile a Month

January below the Ellwood Bluff...
Before I get on with this week’s post, enjoy a set of photographs from the beach near Goleta, CA. We spent a lovely day last Saturday celebrating my sister, Nancy’s birthday. A picnic, RC gliders, and a nice walk on the beach is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

We had cake!

Looking west, at Ellwood...
Well, the snow sure didn’t last long. In fact, since the snow came (and went), we haven’t had a drop of rain, and none forecast in the near future. So much for rainy season, I guess. With the return of the nice weather, Kathy and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. Everyday after work, Kathy and I have been power-walking 3-4 miles each day, and I have been going up the hill to towards the aqueduct for some hill work and intervals.

The big 120 Meter long hill above my house. A wonderful place for intervals...
Why all of the roadwork? Well, during the Santa Barbara Triathlon last August, and the Palmdale Aquathon Last July, my worst section was the running part. Every week in the Aquathon, I routinely finished in the top 10 in the swim, and the bottom 10 in the run! That has to change. So, with hopes of competing at a higher level while wearing running shoes, I am trying to emphasize running.
Here is Sue's friend Kent demonstrating how to fly a remote-controlled glider....

It looks easy, doesn't it!

Just launch and fly!

Looks easy, trust me, it isn't...
How’s it going so far? Not so good. Really. I never have been a runner, so there is a long, long way to go in this department. My initial goal is to be able to run one-mile by the end of January, two-miles by the end of February, 4-miles by the end of March. This would help me prepare for a possible 5 Km or 8 Km running event in April.

Along the way I have been riding the new ‘Tri Bike. Last Sunday I rode the Aqueduct in perfectly calm conditions. All I can say is “WOW.” My friend from RAAM, Denny Voorhees once told me: "I never knew I wanted a Carbon Bike, until I got one!" Well, he is right! What a rush. The engine riding the bike is a bit suspect, but the bike is fast as heck.

The Pool. Yes, I have made it to the pool too. I am just as fast as I was at the end of the summer, but my endurance level is kind of lacking. So, I can swim a 31 second 50, but I can only do it once! And finally, I am taking a survey. If you made it this far and are actually reading this blog, drop me a note here, will you? Just a thumbs up (or down for that matter). Just curious to see if I am just broadcasting in the blind.
That’s the news for now. More as I run down the road.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Indoor Training...

My thoughts about snow in Palmdale...
Hi all,
"It never rains in southern California." A great lyric from a great old song. Not very accurate, but a nice lyric. We don't get a lot of rain here in Palmdale, we average about 6.5 inches of moisture per year up here in the desert.

Lovely Flowers!
Except for this year. Three weeks ago, we surpassed our water year average in a mere 4 days! And then, there is the New Year. 2011 started out as a lovely day, so nice that Kathy and I made a quick trip to Pasadena to enjoy viewing the floats from this year's Rose Parade. Temperatures were around 60, and we had a lovely time enjoying the craftsmanship and imagination of these wonderful floats.

Mmmmmmmmm Pie!
But, storm clouds were on the horizon. The afternoon of the 2nd the snow started to fall. Snow? We thought, will it really snow? Probably just a flurry, then it will rain, and the sun will return to the desert. Not so. 4-5 inches later, we got to break out our snow shovels that we brought with us from Utah. Turns out we are the only people in the neighborhood that even own snow shovels!
Not Layton, Palmdale!

Actually, kinda fun to see again...
So, with this wonderful start to the week, I will spin on the trainer, and run the treadmill! Indoor interval training is a great way to develop some new skills, and some good base fitness. Until the sun comes back, that is. Then, it's back outside!

Shoveling before work, I remember this!