Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another New Canyon Ride

Hi All,
As is the custom on Mondays if time permits, I went climbing again! This week I enjoyed cranking up Farmington Canyon. Steep and narrow, I got a full workout in the granny gear working my way up at about 6 mph. Getting good miles these days, the plan continues to be one full commute and one or two regular rides each week. In the maintenance department, I am learning how to adjust the brake shoes on the rear wheel to get the "toe-in" correct so that I have full braking power. Either I adjusted them incorrectly, or they fell out of adjustment, but they are not grabbing the wheel in the right manner and my braking power has been reduced quite a bit.

Looking up Farmington Canyon

Looking west, back towards Lagoon amusement park

The offending brake shoe

Last, but not least is a trivia quiz for you math geeks that read this post. I found this etched window in the American Eagle terminal in LAX. What does it mean? First correct answer (how would I know!) will receive appropriate due respect and adjulation.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Graduation Day

Hi all,
Today was a great day on the campus of UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) Where we were honored to watch my nephew James, receive his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree. Our hats off to James, and congrats to a fine young man. A few pics here for all the relatives to enjoy...

A happy graduate!

The proud parents!

James explaining this wonderful Mini-Baja Race Car he designed with his senior project team.

A lovely foggy landscape on the way to graduation!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Hi All,
I had the pleasure of enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Hill AFB Airshow. The afternoon was filled with great flying demonstrations, culminating with the USAF Thunderbirds capping the entire weekend. The most amazing demonstration was by the new F-22 Raptor. The aircraft can perform maneuvers that seem to defy most of Newton's Laws! Here are a few pics from a great afternoon. More riding news later this week.


F-117 Stealth; Stern men with guns guarding her!

Fat Albert lives! The C-5 Galaxy

The new F-22 Raptor; An amazing aircraft!

Can you name all four aircraft types?

The Thunderbirds in 6 ship delta formation. Lovely!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday Hill Climbing

Hi all,
Lately I have taken to enjoying early morning hill climbing on Monday mornings. The experiment is part of my goal to go and search out new places to ride, and avoid getting stale and in a rut from riding the same routes week after week. So far it has been a refreshing experience!

This weeks climb is to the top of Fernwood Campground in northeast Layton above highway 89. A lovely morning and the reward of some fine views of the GSL and the whole Wasatch valley. A few pics are here for your enjoyment.

Fernwood, looking north.

Looking south along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

West towards Antelope Island

Southwest towards SLC Airport, and the Oquirrh Mountains

Also, be sure to check out this link for RAAM, the Race Across America which starts in just a few days. Amazing riders, doing amazing things!


Happy riding,


Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Links and Gift Ideas

Hi all,
I have added 4 or 5 new recumbent links to this page. Please take some time to browse them. Many of the pages are filled with good information, and excellent photography. The blog labeled "YXE" is from the ICAO identifier book for the Saskatoon airport. YXE just fit better!

Also, as is my custom almost NEVER post to this blog without pictures, here is a lovely JPG of a nice racing 'bent you can get me for Father's Day. It comes from Holland, made by Challenge Bikes. http://www.challengebikes.com/

They make a whole line of verrrrry cool bikes. So, if you have questions or doubts about what to get me, ignore the ads with the funny neckties, generators and plasma TV's, and get me one of these! Any color is fine.
Happy riding