Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another New Canyon Ride

Hi All,
As is the custom on Mondays if time permits, I went climbing again! This week I enjoyed cranking up Farmington Canyon. Steep and narrow, I got a full workout in the granny gear working my way up at about 6 mph. Getting good miles these days, the plan continues to be one full commute and one or two regular rides each week. In the maintenance department, I am learning how to adjust the brake shoes on the rear wheel to get the "toe-in" correct so that I have full braking power. Either I adjusted them incorrectly, or they fell out of adjustment, but they are not grabbing the wheel in the right manner and my braking power has been reduced quite a bit.

Looking up Farmington Canyon

Looking west, back towards Lagoon amusement park

The offending brake shoe

Last, but not least is a trivia quiz for you math geeks that read this post. I found this etched window in the American Eagle terminal in LAX. What does it mean? First correct answer (how would I know!) will receive appropriate due respect and adjulation.


Poit said...

Hope you get the brake shoe adjustment sorted before you get to the top of that there canyon young Jim.

Rob said...

It is one of the Bernoulli equations... appropriate at and airport where airflow and "lift" are pretty much "Core business... see more at: