Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Links and Gift Ideas

Hi all,
I have added 4 or 5 new recumbent links to this page. Please take some time to browse them. Many of the pages are filled with good information, and excellent photography. The blog labeled "YXE" is from the ICAO identifier book for the Saskatoon airport. YXE just fit better!

Also, as is my custom almost NEVER post to this blog without pictures, here is a lovely JPG of a nice racing 'bent you can get me for Father's Day. It comes from Holland, made by Challenge Bikes.

They make a whole line of verrrrry cool bikes. So, if you have questions or doubts about what to get me, ignore the ads with the funny neckties, generators and plasma TV's, and get me one of these! Any color is fine.
Happy riding



Queen of the Squirrels said...

So do you get similar speeds with a recumbent racer to what you would with a normal one?

Queen of the Squirrels said...

haha, as in a normal racing bike. I've gotta start proofreading my comments.

Jim said...

Em, The Fujin with the tail fairing would be probably 4-5 kph faster! yahoo! Drawbacks are being lower to the road and less visible. Would be fun, though!

Larry in Leduc said...

Hey, thanks for adding my blog to your links. I feel like a real person now !
Hope you enjoy the view from way up here!
Larry in Leduc