Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday Hill Climbing

Hi all,
Lately I have taken to enjoying early morning hill climbing on Monday mornings. The experiment is part of my goal to go and search out new places to ride, and avoid getting stale and in a rut from riding the same routes week after week. So far it has been a refreshing experience!

This weeks climb is to the top of Fernwood Campground in northeast Layton above highway 89. A lovely morning and the reward of some fine views of the GSL and the whole Wasatch valley. A few pics are here for your enjoyment.

Fernwood, looking north.

Looking south along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

West towards Antelope Island

Southwest towards SLC Airport, and the Oquirrh Mountains

Also, be sure to check out this link for RAAM, the Race Across America which starts in just a few days. Amazing riders, doing amazing things!

Happy riding,


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FLYBYU said...

Thanks for adding my link to your blog Jim. As soon as I figure out how to do that I will put yours on mine too. So far I haven't figured it out.