Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring in the Desert!

A lovely Alstroemeria...
Spring. Well, it sure sounds weird to write about spring in February, but here in the desert, it seems like reality. In advance, I apologize to all my winter-bound readers. But, take solace. In July when its 112 degrees and the 40 mph winds are blowing over my trash buckets, you may all write and gloat about the lovely nice summer days where you live.
Yay... Spring in our backyard!
The buds depicted here, are from our new dwarf peach tree. The apple tree is still pondering whether or not it should bloom, but there is rain forecast for the weekend, and perhaps the water will help spur some growth.
These pictures were harder to take than I thought!
As you can also see, we made a trip to Tucson. Andy is growing so fast! She is a wonderfully cheerful girl, and we had a great time layin on the floor, and playing. She is doing great at holding her head up, and next, hopefully she will figure out how to get her legs going to crawl around and check out the world.
Andy K...
Kathy's Favorite Picture...
In cycling news, you will note the change to the countdown timer on the right column. My summer goal is to compete in the Santa Barbara Triathlon on August 28th. To that end, and to spur my commitment to train, I have purchased a new Synergy Wetsuit for the ocean swim portion of the event. Nothing motivates you more, than putting some hard-earned sheckles down to make sure you stay focused!
Cammelias at Nancy's...
So, I am on my way; riding to work a few days a week, doing some running here in the neighborhood, and soon I will incorporate distance swimming into my week. The only question that keeps me thinking, is which bike do I race with? Suggestions? Ideas? Witty comments?
For those of you that care, this is NOT a Sandpiper. It's a Curlew!
See you next week.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Month of Posts, All in One!

Ok, more beach trivia: What kind of bird is this?
Hi All,
Well, I blinked my eyes, and almost a month has past since my last entry. I believe that in the their infancy, blogs were supposed to be daily postings, but now with Twitter, Facebook, and all the other available avenues, technology has moved onward. For me, it’s not about technology; it’s about having the time to write, and perhaps that I just didn’t have much to say.

A "Snowstorm" in Palmdale. We had a meeting cancelled for this!
That’s not say a lot of things have happened. I almost don’t know where to start. Here, in the desert, we have had the shoveling of the last of the gravel, citywide flooding after 3 inches of rain, a visit to see Amy, Jon, and Andy, converting the Redline to a fixed-gear configuration, a trip to Santa Barbara for Nancy’s 60th birthday, and all the usual other parts of the day that interfere with writing.
We always hit the beach when we are in Santa Barbara...
I could not resist this snapshot. The gentleman wore a pair of very fancy basketball Nike's...
As I was composing this edition, I realized that if I wrote everything I should have written in the last month, l than this blog would be longer President Obama’s State of the Union Address! So, in the interest of brevity, I am going to just publish a bunch of pictures with long captions. Enjoy!
Soccer Pitch/Catch Basin...three days after this, the water was gone!
Flooding. Yes, we had plenty of that. The desert terrain here is so firm and hard-packed that water just runs off the top. So, just a few inches of rain and there are streets that become rivers, and soccer fields, that become lakes.
Children have such fun at the beach...
Traveling. We have made a couple of trips since my last post; first, to see Nancy, Muhsin, Sue, and Dana, to celebrate Nancy’s 60th birthday. We had a great time as we gathered and spent a great time just being together as family. While we were at it, we managed to start planning a long-awaited trip to Zion national Park this spring.
You're really special if you get TWO birthday cakes!
No caption needed... Happy Andy...
Two weeks later, we drove down to Tucson to spend a few days with Amy, Jon, and Andy. Boy! That little girl will steal your heart. I’m not sure what else can be said here, other that we sure enjoyed spending time with Jon, Amy, and Andy.
I am told it's not the bike, it's the engine riding it! Well... OK then!
The Redline: I recently converted the Redline 925 from single-speed configuration to fixed-gear. What does this mean? Well, it means the bike still rides like a single-speed bike, but now, there is no freewheel, which also means, NO coasting!
I took the fenders off to eliminate some pedal strike on the front wheel...
Want to ride fast? Pedal fast. Need to slow down? Pedal slower! It’s a whole new feel, never being able to stop pedaling. I rode the bike 12 miles today, (back and forth to work) and I am still learning all the techniques that are involved in riding “fixed.” Quite a blast, really! It's been quite interesting, learning in some ways, how to ride all over again!
That's the quick news.. I will try and do a better job of posting..