Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring in the Desert!

A lovely Alstroemeria...
Spring. Well, it sure sounds weird to write about spring in February, but here in the desert, it seems like reality. In advance, I apologize to all my winter-bound readers. But, take solace. In July when its 112 degrees and the 40 mph winds are blowing over my trash buckets, you may all write and gloat about the lovely nice summer days where you live.
Yay... Spring in our backyard!
The buds depicted here, are from our new dwarf peach tree. The apple tree is still pondering whether or not it should bloom, but there is rain forecast for the weekend, and perhaps the water will help spur some growth.
These pictures were harder to take than I thought!
As you can also see, we made a trip to Tucson. Andy is growing so fast! She is a wonderfully cheerful girl, and we had a great time layin on the floor, and playing. She is doing great at holding her head up, and next, hopefully she will figure out how to get her legs going to crawl around and check out the world.
Andy K...
Kathy's Favorite Picture...
In cycling news, you will note the change to the countdown timer on the right column. My summer goal is to compete in the Santa Barbara Triathlon on August 28th. To that end, and to spur my commitment to train, I have purchased a new Synergy Wetsuit for the ocean swim portion of the event. Nothing motivates you more, than putting some hard-earned sheckles down to make sure you stay focused!
Cammelias at Nancy's...
So, I am on my way; riding to work a few days a week, doing some running here in the neighborhood, and soon I will incorporate distance swimming into my week. The only question that keeps me thinking, is which bike do I race with? Suggestions? Ideas? Witty comments?
For those of you that care, this is NOT a Sandpiper. It's a Curlew!
See you next week.


Paul said...

Ride the Fast Red Bike....for two reasons.

1) Just to be different and see if it can be done in good time.

2) You may not be as sore afterwards.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

LOVE the photos of Andy--she is beyond cute : ) Also congratulations on getting the Synergy Wetsuit for the tri--you will be motivating Sue and me, too! Glad to know what the bird is--its beak was too long for it to be a sandpiper but didn't know what it was. That was a really nice walk--it was so nice of you and Kathy to do so much and come and spend the day for my birthday.

Love and Hugs, Nan

Anonymous said...

Comment no. 2--Yes, that's a beautiful alstromeria--and how cool that you have buds on your peach tree already : )