Friday, March 06, 2009

Finding Friends, and Phones...

Sunset on the Causeway
Hi all,
This past Tuesday I went for a nice hill climb up Fairfield Road. It is not a major hill by any means, just a long 3.5 mile climb up to highway 193. It’s a good training hill, and from the top of the climb, I can go in several directions to make a nice loop. On this ride, I made a nice 12 mile loop over to the east, and then back down the hill for lunch and then to work.
However, this blog entry is not about base training, nor is it a techie article about spin rates, gear ratios or anything like that. This entry is about the people we meet on our bikes, and the things we find on the road. In Tuesday’s case, the two subjects intertwined.

Sunset from the back porch!
As I was riding past the post office, I waved at a cyclist riding down Fairfield. He was riding a mountain bike, wearing no fancy gear; just jeans and a shirt. (It was a gloriously warm morning) At the time, I remembered thinking that his set up wasn’t fancy by any means, but I accepted him for another cyclist enjoying the lovely day and that it was nice to see someone else out on the road.

Waitin for Wednesday's train...
As I continued to climb, the road steepens north of Antelope. I was making 8-10 mph working on achieving a nice spin rate. When I climb this slowly, I have time to notice things on the road. In this case, a cell phone. At first glance, I took it to be a toy, but then as I stopped to look at it; I realized that it was in fact a real cell phone. It was open, and the battery was lying on the ground next to it. I pulled off the road and inquisitively put the battery in and to my joy, the thing powered up! A further search found the back panel to the battery lying in the gutter. I took the phone, stuck it in my pocket and continued my climbing. I figured I would look at it and figure out how to find the owner when I got home.

12 miles later, I was sitting in the kitchen having a PBH, (peanut butter/honey) and playing with the little Kyocera phone. I figured out how to search for last calls received, and using the little lost phone, dialed the most recent number. After two rings, a woman answered saying: “Oh, you have my husband’s phone!” As it turns out, the owner lived about a mile from my house, and I arranged to drive over and deliver the phone on my way to work.
When I pulled into the cul-de-sac, and found the address, I noticed the bike sitting on the porch. It sure looked familiar! The owner (Paul) came out and I recognized him from my ride. He was the mountain bike rider I waved at on Fairfield! We had a nice time visiting. He was much relieved that his cell phone had been found and hadn’t been run over by a car. I learned that he rides a 10-mile loop regularly, and enjoys the exercise and the fresh air. It was nice to meet a fellow rider, and find out what riding means to him.
So remember, be ready for those rare opportunities extend friendship past the usual wave across the street.
See you down the road.

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Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Dear Jim,
What a nice story about the bicyclist and the lost phone. Well done. I wish our newspapers had more articles with happy stories like that. Hmm.
Love, Patsy