Monday, October 08, 2007

Too Nice to Stay Inside

It was the perfect reason to go for a ride. I had been working in the garage, and sort of mindlessly watching the Broncos play mindless football. But, it had become stunningly beautiful outside, and I decided that since football is on every weekend in the fall, and since the Broncos weren’t actually playing football today, that I would go for a ride. After three consecutive Saturday’s with rain mixed with snow, this Sunday afternoon was beautiful. I headed west towards the island to enjoy the clear skies, and the snow covered mountains from a wide perspective, and get around 50 km in the log.
Kathy is in Chicago visiting our grandson, and she took my small Nikon digital camera to take pictures of Brian. This presented as choice. I could just enjoy the scenery and just bear with the fact of not having a camera along, or, I could find a way to carry my Nikon D-50. Usually, I would not have taken the D-50 on the bike, but I was struck by the beauty of the sky, and couldn’t resist the opportunity for great pictures. Ever the adventurer, and not wanting to admit defeat, I wrapped the D-50, and found a safe place in the bag for it to fit securely.

This turned out to be a great decision. I was out on the causeway, taking wide-angle pictures of the island, the mountains, and enjoying the perfect day. As I rode east towards the mainland, I saw in my rear-view mirror what looked to me like an airplane. Now, if you can see an airplane in the rear-view mirror of a recumbent, that airplane would have to be pretty darn low! So, I stopped the bike, looked west, and saw two ultra-lights flying down either side of the causeway!
As quick as I could, I grabbed the camera out of the seat bag and as well taught by my dad, just started “pushing the damn button!” I was rewarded for my efforts. Three years of riding out around the island, and I had never seen these to brave (crazy) pilots. They were flying east along either side of the causeway, and I lost them when they got over land. Don’t know where they came from, don’t know where they landed, but they looked like they were having fun!

Sometimes, you just never know what you'll see on the bike!


Anonymous said...

You really have a great eye for photography. When ever I bring my camera along I always end up taking pictures of stupid things, or things that I think are silly. But anyway, nice pictures.

Harding said...

I'm so glad you took the camera!