Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hi all,
Yesterday, I crossed the last cycling goal for 2007 off my list, Little Cottonwood Canyon. This lovely road to the Snowbird and Alta ski resorts is one of the steepest canyon rides in the local area. Just 6.4 miles to Snowbird and 8 miles to Alta, it raises almost 4,000 ft!
Steep is an accurate description. Thank goodness it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I had my camera, giving me an excuse to stop often and take pictures! Yesterday’s ride will go in the log as quite possibly the most beautiful ride I have had all year. The sky, the fall colors, the snow, the fresh air, simply amazing.
By the way, the descent was thrilling, too!
Enough said, enjoy some pictures.


Harding said...

Great shots all. It's hard to imagine riding my tandem in terrain like this.

Jerome said...

Very nice shots indeed.

I am wondering if you'd like to help out with a photo project I'm thinking about.

Information can be found here:

It'd be great to get some more recumbent representation.