Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday on the Island

Hi all,
This morning I enjoyed a lovely yet long ride out to Antelope Island. Total mileage for the ride; 40 miles!

The island is one of my favorite places to ride mostly due to the lack of cars, trucks, and people! A weekday ride on the 7 mile causeway will usually only net one or two cars. Weekends are different as I see lots of cyclists, horse riders, mountain bikes, campers etc. Today was no exception. As I arrived at the causeway entrance I met a large group of young kids accompanied by several adults and a sag truck who were going to ride across the causeway and down to the Fielding Garr Ranch. In talking to with the group I learned that they absoloutley no idea what they were up to, and that they had no idea how far they were riding! (38 miles round trip). Although I did ride part way across with this group, I wished I could have stayed with them to witness the climb back up the long hill from the ranch. It was obvious to me that these boys had never been on a ride of these proportions. Even the adult leaders had no idea how far they were planning to ride. You can check out the route on the Antelope Island map in a previous post. In any case, they were in high spirits as they headed off on their adventure.

As for me, I rode my usual loop across the causeway, up to the visitor's center, then the long climb back home. Here are a few pictures from a lovely morning. Enjoy!

The intrepid riders. The ranch is in the distance, on the far left edge of the photo.

The things you notice in your rear view mirror! I had to pull over and take this lovely shot looking east, towards Weber Canyon.

Looking south, towards Frary Peak.

My trusty steed.


wears thai pants said...

Way to help the scout kids dad :)

wears thai pants said...

Way to help the scout kids dad :)

jake & erin said...

So I missed out on commenting on your last blog... but I really dig the telescope pic!

Steeker said...

maybe you could start up a recumbent race around that island ?