Saturday, August 19, 2006

Road Hazards

Hi All,
Sorry for the two week lapse in posting. Since the last post from Antelope Island I have put 168 miles on the bike! I have been getting good solid miles of late, and feel ready for next weeks Cache Valley Century.
Getting ready for riding is such an adventure. You make time to ride, and do all the logistical things to get ready. Then with a full head of steam, lots of motivation, you head out to the garage and find:

Yes, the dreaded flat tire. Now, you have throw your whole plan out the window, fix the flat and then get on the road. It is so frustrating! I read over on of riders who go thousands of miles without a flat. Riggggght. Deep sigh. The cause of this (and most other) flats is the dreaded sticker. It looks like this:

But soon you are happily zipping down the road, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, logging another happy 40 miles on the Little Red Bike. Of course, there are interesting hazards out on the road, too. I don't mean construction areas, manic drivers, stickers, or even pot holes. Where I ride, I find the most interesting road hazards. Take this morning on Antelope Island:

This fellow wasn't 10 yards from the road.

That's what I call a ROAD HAZARD!

I can't figure out this sign. Can Bison read? Or, if the sign is for us humans, what do we do if the Bison are on the road? (and today there were a hundred on the road!)

And finally, a totally random article entitled: The Environmental Paradox of Bicycling. This is a working paper from the University of Pennsylvania. I would be interested in your thoughts, comments, or even witty retorts on this.

Happy riding all!


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