Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tailwinds and Taillights

Your's Truly...
Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and got back to the routine of bike commuting. There really hasn’t been any valid excuse for not commuting. We have had barely any rain since the grand snow event on January 3rd and the wind has been almost non-existent. I guess the chilly 25-degree mornings kept me away. No excuse at all as I have ridden in those temperatures for years.
The battery mount for the headlight...
What got me started back on the road was a photograph on a cycling blog I read. The picture of the rider with the frost building up on his beard was enough for me to get off the snide and get moving. As I was putting on my wool base layer at 5 AM, I could hear the vinyl fence creaking in the wind. The wind? Where did that come from? By the time I made it out to the morning news, the high wind watches were all posted for the Antelope Valley.
But it all worked out! On the ride in I enjoyed a marvelous 10-15 mph tailwind. Nothing more fun than spinning easy at 19-20 mph! Of course I worried about the high wind watch and the payback headwinds that the afternoon would bring. But then FROPA happened. For all you non-ATC types, FROPA means frontal passage. FROPA occurred about 8 AM, and by quitting time, the winds had switched 180 degrees out of the east and I had a lovely tailwind to push me home. A double-tailwind commute; Almost unheard of in cycling lore, but I’ll take it!

My new blinkie. I was told by a co-worker who passed me on the way, that it was so bright, he thought it was the Sheriff!
Along the way, I was able to perform my civic duty and pick up some things off the road as I breezed along. It reminded me of a long ride in 2008 or so, where over the course of a 30-mile ride, I picked up a knife, fork, and spoon!
A nasty nail, a crisp dollar, and some lead for Jon!
And, finally, as I was near the house, coming through the neighborhood, I came across two Mormon missionaries riding their Walmart mountain bikes. They were friendly and greeted me, and I returned the favor by greeting them and giving them a quick rendition of the Utah State Aggie fight song. Ranked #17 in the country, we are still loyal here!
More news later this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Bet they were surprised! Enjoyed your newest post--hope you'll have a dual-tailwind day again!

Now you're inspiring me to get out and get moving, too.



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