Monday, February 28, 2011

The Central Coast

Pismo Beach, January 29th...
Once again, I have fallen behind in posting. Between work schedules; a trip to Pismo Beach; and then this past weekend a trip to Utah for the Walk to Emmaus Retreat, there just hasn’t been much time to do any writing. The picture folder keeps filling up, and eventually I get around to sharing my latest landscapes with you.

Pismo Beach, long, flat, and quite shallow for 100 yards out!
A beautiful Cammelia...
Our trip to Pismo Beach was a lovely weekend away to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. We enjoyed touring to Solvang, the central coast of California, and had a nice browse around San Luis Obispo. We enjoyed not having a schedule, a computer, and basically just had a nice relaxing time.
A Callalilly, At the Mission of San Luis Obispo
My training schedule has been a bit disjointed, but I have been getting some work done. Three days a week I do spinning intervals on the ‘Tri Bike. The DVD’s that my sister Sue gave me are particularly evil, and it has taken quite a few attempts to complete a 30-minute session without hitting the “pause” button! Later this week I am going to attempt a spinning workout, then switch shoes and head out for a 15-minute run. That’s how triathlons progress, so it will be a good experiment.
And a magnificent Magnolia tree that was covered in flowers!
I also have been more consistent in riding to work. Here in California, the price of gas has skyrocketed, and the gouging due to the unrest in the Middle East has just been outrageous. So, the higher the price of gas, the more I ride to work!
A file photo of the pool. I forgot to bring the camera!
Speaking of riding the Surly, I swam tonight. I rode the Surly down to the pool and got in around 1100 yards. It was a lovely evening, chilly, around 45 degrees, but no desert wind! It was pleasant to swim in the gently steaming pool, and only 3 lap swimmers too! I am making progress, but the stamina for intervals longer than 200 yards is just not there as yet. I can swim a 30-second 50, but I can only do it once!
And of course, a Curlew...
That’s the news for now; enjoy all the nice pictures from the Pismo trip.


Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

And you never said that's where you were going! I would have insisted that you stop in Los Alamos at the General Store to meet and introduce yourself to John Morley... Next time???

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the beautiful photos, Jim! Thanks for the heads-up : )

Love, Nan