Monday, September 14, 2009

News from the Garage

Sunrise over a Joshua tree, just east of Palmdale...
Hi all,
No, I don’t have any new Andrea pictures. You’ll just have to wait one more week when I go back to Tucson to help Amy, Jon, and Andy move to their new place. For what its worth, I am getting to know Interstate 10 quite well this month!
Ok, I know my audience! Here she is; "squeaking at grandma."
In other news, I have succeeded in shuffling through a lot of stuff in the garage, and I am proud to say I have parking spots for both cars, and all three bikes. The Redline Single-Speed has been relegated to hooks on the ceiling, as there is no real purpose for that bike right now. I just couldn’t part with such a nice little bike.
The new-look Barcroft...
My Barcroft Virginia GT is back from Dana’s shop in Van Nuys. Bent-Up Cycles is the premier ‘bent store in southern California, and with all the fun stuff and carbon frames in that place, probably to close for my wallet’s comfort!

The ‘Ginny now sports U-shaped handlebars, and is now configured with an open cockpit. I originally had what are called “hamster bars” on the bike, with my hands fairly close together. After 4,000 miles I finally came to the notion that there was a better, more comfortable way for me to ride. So, we’ll see. It’s a much different feel, but when I rode open cockpit bikes in Maryland this past July, I noticed that I was in a more relaxed position to ride. Time will tell.
My mood from not getting my Andrea/Brian fix these days!
My new Surly LHT touring bike is up and running, too. I finally got to the carton in the garage and managed to put things together without dinging up the frame or losing my temper. The bike rides wonderfully. It is not a speed bike; it is a bike for commuting, designed for heavy loads, bad roads, and many, many miles. Also, I noticed that at slow speeds the bike is docile, and not twitchy in the slightest. I still have some configuring to do to ready the bike for commuting. A headlight, and bags for the rack are the next order of business.
"General Rommel;" note the not-so-skinny tires...
I leave you now, with a trivia question. The Joshua trees in the headline photo are only found in two places in the world; here in California, and ….. (where?)
Drop me a note with your answer and I’ll work out some sort of prize, or tacky recognition.
See you down the road.


Mike Terry said...

Have I seen them in Utah perhaps?
Either way, thanks for the comment on the blog and happy travels.

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

It is native to southwestern North America in the states of California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.
More specifically Joshua Tree National Park....

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

But outside of the USA, who knows? someplace exotic like, um, Egypt? or the outback in Australia??