Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from the Great Circle Trip

Kathy knows what kind of flower this is, I forgot!
Hi all,
We are back from our great circle trip; SLC/PHX/TUS/PHX/ORD/SLC. For you non-ATC types, that’s Salt Lake City,Phoenix, Tucson, Phoenix, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. We had a grand time seeing our kids and grandchildren. (See Amy’s blog for more news).
The next Geithner, perhaps?
All is well. We only had rain on the last day in Barrington, and that was just for the trip to the airport. We had a great time with our grandson, Brian; playing at the Chicago Botanical Gardens, and then at the Zoo. He sure loves to run and play! I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, Go! Go! Grandma! Let’s Go!
Commuters are everywhere...
Also, at the Zoo, I was walking around the Llama enclosure, and I noticed the front wheel of a ten-speed bike behind the barn. More than likely, someone’s commuter, hiding in the back. So, as the rest of the weekend continued, I noticed commuter bikes parked in all sorts of odd places; behind convenience stores, fast food joints, behind Llama stalls at the zoo, at the mall, all sorts of places.

The Botannical gardens provided a great place for Brian to run and get his wiggles out. There wasn’t much in bloom, as the spring flowers don’t really get going until mid-May. Just watch the ivy in the outfield at “The Friendly Confines” (Wrigley Field for you foreigners). But, what was in bloom was just stunning. Tulips, poppies, magnolias, and other small plants were doing their best to give some color. But, no matter, it was a gorgeous day, and the sun was out, and a lovely day to scamper all over the place.
How I relax!
I’ll have more news as the week progresses. There’s lots of work to do here at the house, and I retire from 33 years of ATC on Thursday. I get cake!


jake and erin said...

Brian is huge! What did he make of the llama?

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

The flower, I think it is a rannuncula or some cousin of a begonia. Very pretty!