Friday, February 06, 2009

Contrasting Subjects...

I took this sunset waiting at an intersection near the mall. I just stuck the camera out the window and pushed the button!
Hi all,
This past month has been a month of contrasts. I have spent a lot of time working on black and white digital photography as the winter weather has brought a lot of grays, whites, and not a lot of color to my world. I have been studying books on Adobe Light Room software, and have enjoyed experimenting with some older images.

Almost reminiscent of a WW I battlefield...
One set of images comes from 2007. When I went to Bryce Canyon to hike with friends, we stopped on the way home near Cove Fort to photograph the massive damage from huge brush/forest fires that had destroyed several hundred thousand acres north of Cedar City.

Note the scorched ground...
I recall that when I took the photos, I visualized how stark the landscape would appear in black and white. Now, that I have some decent digital photo processing software, I think I have been able to depict not only what I saw, but what I felt at the time. The sheer destruction as far as the eye could see took my breath away. I hope these two images bring that to light.

Banner Peak 12, 936 ft. - 1974 (ish)
One other picture I have been working on is a scan of a black and white print that I took way back in 1974 or so. I had been on a backpacking trip with my sisters to the Minarets National Wilderness area of the Sierra Nevada, and I had risen at sunrise to go take a few pictures. As I recall, I was using a little Konica rangefinder 35 mm camera, and took some lovely landscapes of Banner Peak, and (I think) Thousand Island Lake. As far as I know, there is only one print from my dad's darkroom of Banner Peak. (My dad always told me that 8 x 10 paper was expensive!) Recently, I scanned the print, hoping someday to see what I could make of it digitally. It was an interesting experiment, given that even with Light Room, I couldn’t make many changes to the image as it was a scan of a photograph, not a pure digital image.
Not sure where the bike would go, I picked this one out for Jon!
Another contrast to the regular information on this site is that I have been researching the purchase of a new car. It’s funny how that works these days; trying to match one’s requirements, (carrying recumbent bikes) to what the manufacturers are building this year.
More practical, a Subaru Forester!
At the big car show, I tried to explain the length of the LRB to the sales associates, and I got a lot of blank stares when I explained what I wanted a car to do for me. Of course I want the car to carry all my bikes, all my family, and get 40 mpg!
The old ceiling in the tech room. Note the speckled paint!
The church construction project has been eating a lot of time as of late. I am sure learning a lot! This week, we ran conduit in preparation for relocating main power to the tech room on Saturday. It has been a huge undertaking, and in the long run, will be a great benefit to how we run the soundboard, projector, amps, and all the hardware we use to run a service.
I did manage to take the Redline out for a ride on Tuesday; I was going to ride to work yesterday, but overslept! Hate to waste a 35 degree morning!
More news down the road.

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