Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Panzer in the Garage

The view from the Ellwood Bluffs, Goleta, Ca...
Hi All,
Sorry for the lag in posting. We have been traveling, and just plain busy. I would like to take this moment to introduce Bike #3! I guess now that three bikes constitute a fleet! But, it’s no matter. Bike #3 was brought into the garage purely to serve one purpose; Utility. It’s not a racing bike, it’s not a mountain bike, (well, a long, long time ago it was), it’s not a long distance touring bike, it’s a commuter. It’s a bike for commuting to the train, to the store, to the neighbor’s house, something to throw in the car when I need a bike.

The Klein "Panzer"...
Bike #3 is a 1989 Klein Pinnacle. Kind of an interesting story on this bike; my friend Art rode this bike for about 15 years, primarily commuting 22 miles round trip from the east side of Salt Lake City west to the ARTCC where we both work. Then after the bike had become worn down and tired, he gave it to me to fix up and refurbish for a friend. I put about $60.00 into it, replacing a shifter, front rim, tires etc. and presented it to my friend, Mike so he could start cycling. Mike used the Klein for commuting 27 miles each to work for about a year and a half, and even completed the Seattle to Portland Ride riding this well-worn soldier! 2 years ago, Mike died of a massive heart attack while trail running, and sadly, the bike was hung in the rafters of his garage.
Bikes on the Train...
A month ago or so, Kathy and I were walking with Mike’s widow, Cecilia, when we got to Ceci’s house I noticed the old Klein still hanging in the garage. Ceci said: “Take it home with you, please!” and as I was in need of a commuter bike for riding back and forth to the train station, the prodigal bike has returned.

Parked in luxury parking at work...
So, I ride the Klein 1.5 miles to the new Utah Frontrunner train station; ride the train to Salt Lake City, and ride 3.5 miles to work. The bike meets the needs of a commuter perfectly. Sturdy, (look at the square chainstays!) Built to take a beating. The bike was originally a mountain bike, but was reconfigured for commuting, and has truly been a commuter bike for almost twenty years.
Notice the odd position of the brakes?
So, now I own three bikes. My beautiful Barcroft Virginia GT, the Cannondale F7 Mountain bike, and of course, the Klein Panzer!
See you on the road…

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Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hi Jim,
I love the Klein Panzer. I especially enjoyed reading its lineage. Yellow and orange is bright and festive too. You won't lose it in a crowd. Yeah. Are there any more photos of the birthday bash? I hope it went well. Greetings to Kathy.
Love, Patsy