Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Parts

My shiny new Ultegra Derailleur
Hi All,
Well, another busy week is zipping by, but Spring is here! Good riding weather is upon us, and with the onset of early daylight savings this weekend, there will be more time to ride. While I was in Arizona, I took the opportunity to take the Little Red Bike to the shop for an annual tune-up. The bike had lost interest in shifting efficiently on the rear set, and you may recall I had broken the front derailleur last fall.
The busted derailleur. It wouldn't throw the chain to the granny gear at all.
So, the bike shop took good care while I was away, and the bike is now back in the garage, primed and ready to go. A test ride showed tremendous improvement in shifting.

Items replaced/fixed:

Front derailleur replaced.
Rear derailleur cable replaced.
Wheel hubs lubricated.
Chain replaced. (It takes 2.5 chains!)
Wheels trued.
Now, when I have a free day to ride courtesy of stringent FAA medical rules, it's raining!
Of course! What else would one expect.

See you down the road.


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Glad Vic is better and that your bike is all fixed, tuned up, shined up and ready to go, Jim. Really enjoyed the story of the two cyclists and your desert photos.