Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Miles

Hi All,
Well 13 days without writing, but 13 days of good riding! 126 miles later, more miles in March than the last 3 March’s combined. It is both good news, and bad news. The good news: Great weather; Fresh air; and plenty of early season riding and great conditioning. The bad news: No rain and snow. The state is woefully below projections for water and snow pack, so it’s going to be water rationing dry summer. But since I can’t control what comes out the sky, I might as well ride and enjoy the sunshine.

Most of my riding has been out to Antelope Island. During late winter and early spring, the island is a great place to ride. No bugs, no cars, and cool temperatures make it ideal for long training rides. I have enjoyed three 40+ miles rides in the last two weeks, riding from the house to the island and then riding a loop or two up around to the northeast side.

As my plans continue for my first Brevet in June, I have decided to ride a test half-Brevet. The test Brevet will include 100 km, or 62 miles, with a total running time of 6 hours. The Bryce Canyon 200k on June 9th will have a 13.5 hour time limit, so this will be a good early season test to see if this whole plan is a good idea or not. Where to ride the test? Antelope Island! (Some sort of compulsion I guess). Actually, I want to enjoy the island for the last few weeks before the clouds of gnats and mosquitoes make their appearance. After that, I will put the island out of my memory until late May or June. So, the 100k will include a ride from the house to the marina, then south to the Fielding Garr Ranch. It is a flat ride until the section south to the ranch, then it becomes rolling terrain with two good steady climbs.

That’s all the news on the cycling front. I would also like to give some props to Kathy who for several weeks has been painstakingly repairing the figurines that crashed to the floor in January. (See the January 30th post). Every morning, she has been carefully picking through the pieces and fixing our treasures. They won’t ever be the same, but it was the point of the exercise. She has made things whole again!
Please enjoy a few pictures of the figurines and from the island.

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Shawn M. said...

Mr. R.,

I love reading your blog, you have actually been part of the reason I am getting my 'fast blue bike' ready for daily commutes to work (through some city traffic, so I am not sure how long I will live, but no nasty neighborhoods, so it is a good start! :-) I started riding last April and have plans to head up to New Hampshire, Cape Ann and central/western Mass and CT for some rides. I don't have any set goals, but I have bought the heavy duty, thug resistant city locks for my bike and hope to the doing the 4.5 mile commute to work starting next week and exploring the surprising amount of great bike friendly areas out here in the Boston area. Plus, being able to take long rides over lunch and enjoy the summer weather during the week should be amazing too. Enjoy the riding! Maybe I will send you some photos of Plum Island, Boston Harbor or Rockport to pair up with your photos of Antelope Island. Happy Trails!