Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November in the Desert

Hi all,
Just back from a quick trip to Tucson to see family. Where the cycling season here in Utah is all but done, the riding season in Arizona is just now peaking! Lovely weather all weekend. I saw cyclists out riding everywhere I went. Here are a few pictures from the Saturday morning trip to Saguaro National Park. We also enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the University of Arizona's football game with the University of California. A stunning upset as our guys won! A great way to spend an afternoon; football, pageantry, enthusiastic fans, and a great marching band!
Enjoy these few photos.
While Arizona is basking in sunshine today, I am spinning on the fluid trainer in the garage watching it snow! Sunshine returns tomorrow so I can get back out on the road.
Happy riding all,



Jonathan Umbriaco-nicki said...

hey Mr. Rud, just wanted to stop by your blog and say hi! I'm looking forward to seeing you and the family later this week for Thanksgiving! - Jonathan Um

Anonymous said...

Wow Jim. Love the pic of the saguaro and the clouds!

FLYBYU said...

I used to go to Yuma every year for a few weeks, haven't had the money lately though. Your photos make me want to dig deep and go for it again. :) I love the desert.