Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big Day, Big Cottonwood!

Happy Birthday to the Little Red Bike!
That’s right, this week marks the arrival one year ago of my little Barcroft Virginia GT. I have had great adventures riding the bike. From the top of Trapper’s Loop, to the small towns of southern Idaho, delightful sunrise rides to work, to screaming down steep canyons in the Wasatch Mountains, it has been a great season. The bike has proven to be everything Bill Cook (Owner and proprietor of Barcroft Bikes) promised it would be. Light, fast, comfortable, it has met my requirements to a “T”. Back in 2005, Bill and I spent a long time just matching the bike to my requirements. It sure has paid off. Remember, as one poster on the Bentrider forum has so eloquently stated: The best bike for you is the one you ride!

Now, 63 rides and almost 1500 miles later, I feel like the adventure is just beginning. I finish (are cyclists ever really finished?) this riding season not feeling weary and burned-out, but with a renewed sense of excitement and readiness to tackle bigger and better goals in 2007. While the snow flies, it will be time to hit the weight room, an occasional lap swim, some cross-country skiing, and hopefully a few rides if the weather permits. And, that’s not all! There will be spin training on my Cycle-Ops Fluid Trainer in the garage. Thanks, Kathy!

I leave you reader, with a few pictures from possibly the last big climb of the fall; Big Cottonwood Canyon. Stretching 14 miles, it is a long and steep from the base at around 4,800 ft, to over 9,000 ft. to the Solitude and Brighton Ski Resorts, and then to Guardsman Pass. For me, I made it 10 miles to the Upper Mill D Trail Head at around 7,800 ft. I would have continued the last 3 miles to Solitude, but I was starving! (Stupidly, I had forgotten to bring snacks) and I had to head down the hill for work! It was a lovely morning, temperature a very mild 50-55 degrees, and wonderful light winds. After the long 10 kph climb, the 35-40 mph power descent down the steep grade with tight “S” turns was a real treat. It was about as much fun on a bike as a cyclist could have!

Happy Riding All.


Pete said...

The various "canyon" rides are more like "ridge" rides from the looks of the Google maps.

Vik said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! I love the pictures. You keep getting me stoked to ride in Utah. When can I come visit???...=-)~