Saturday, July 08, 2006

Antelope By Moonlight

Hi All,
Well, the 13th Annual Antelope By Moonlight Ride was a grand success! Labled: The Curse of the 13th Ride, a pirate theme emerged coincident with the opening of "Dead Man's Chest." So, lots of folks in pirate garb having fun riding their bikes in the middle of the night. I counted 7 recumbent bikes this year, including two Bacchetta Aeros! Note the picture below of the Pirate rider showing of his fine bike. Nearly 800 riders came out, including families, Boy Scouts, kids, teenagers, parents towing trailers, serious cyclists, and just casual riders that enjoyed the warm evening. Please enjoy a few photographs. We were treated to a lovely sunset too! I experimented with some timelapse photography during the ride, and got some interesting results. I brought my small 8 inch tripod, would set it on the road, set the shutter release timer and then an 8 second exposure. On one frame (see below) the neon spoke lights of a passing rider made for an interesting effect.

One of a pair of Cycle Genius Bikes

This is a Bilenky. The couple that rides it has
over 10,000 miles touring on it!

No comment needed: Nice fella, Lovely bike.

Rookie timelapse experimentation!

Total mileage for the ride: 24 miles
Max speed on the big downhill: 40 mph (I blew past a ton of riders!)
Average speed: 17 mph

This week is a 6 day work week complete with 4 swing shifts, so probably some morning rides, and I will skip the ride commuting for the week, as I don't ride home from work at 11:00 PM!

Happy riding, all. Hope you are enjoying the summer and having enjoyable time outdoors.


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FLYBYU said...

The sunset photos are stunning! Especially the first one, keep up the good work!