Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lights! Action! Birds?

Hi all
A quick Sunday post to bring you a short update. First off, I finally figured out my Minoura Light Mount for the Barcroft. The mount is used to support lights on recumbents out on the front of the bike on the front derailleur stem. I had attempted using this a while back without success, so mounted my Light and Motion 5W light on the handlebar stem. The light worked fine in that position, however my knees interfered with the light beam, and also it was quite distracting to ride like that. Upon receiving some advice from friends on BROL - I once again mounted the light out front. Will report on usability after this weeks commute.

And more importantly, we have new houseguests! Seems a robin has taken up residence in our tree in the front yard, and would appear to nestling on her eggs. Exciting times here! I was lucky to get a photograph of her this afternoon while working quietly on the bike.

And lastly, I found a nice article about bike commuting to work. The article is not recumbent based, and just addresses the wonders and benefits of riding to work. Link below.

Happy riding, all.


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Shawn said...

Mr. Rudnicke,

I wish I could commute to work on my bike, however I would have to go up some pretty scary roads and cross some fairly scary neighborhoods to get to work! In any case, I finally bought a bike and have been out on it a ton! Hope you are doing well, drop me a line sometime.

Pauls friend Shawn