Saturday, May 14, 2011

As The World (and the clock) Turns......

Any guesses where this is?
Where does the time go? I blink my eye and a month passes. Ok, almost 6 weeks! I get so into the routine, and weeks pass like steps on a treadmill, or like the water rotating on this cool wheel. So, since I am doing housework today, here is a little housecleaning on where I have been.
Wait, which way is "up"?
First, I want to give belated thanks to Pete Heal for sending the really cool postcard from New Zealand. Have you ever noticed how much one appreciates a postcard? They aren’t bills, not ads, and actually contain a brief but handwritten note from a friend that says they have been thinking of you. We should all send more to our friends! Tons more meaningful than Facebook, and you get a cool picture from a distant place.

Brian, up over Dad's head!

Andy, being Andy...
Next, here are two other reasons I haven’t been writing. (Brian and Andy!). We spent a week in March with Paul, Christina, and Brian, then in April, Easter at the Wheeler household in Arizona. Family and grandkids are a wonderful invention. They can make you forget to workout, and even make one not want to go to work either!

Ahhhhhhhh, Plumeria...
So, I will get back on the bike, back in the pool, back on the trail, and back to writing to you!

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