Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of the Year

Things are lookin up for the New Year!
Hi All,
Well, welcome to the end of 2010, and a welcome to the new 2011. The new year brings new challenges, new triathlons, new bikes, and a new focus, too.

Play, Play, Play, Play!
We ended this year with joy and happiness as Amy, her husband Jon, and our granddaughter, Andy came and spent Christmas with us here in Palmdale. We had a wonderful few days and spent way too much time playin, and not a lot of time sleepin! Sadly Jon and family are safely back in Marana, and we will count the days until we see them again.

Today, I commenced my spin training regimen on the new 'Tri bike. With the new body position out over aero-bars the bike is a much different animal than I am used to riding. So, with help from my sister, Sue I am now going to spend a few weeks spinning indoors and really getting comfortable on the bike before I launch off on a 20 mile ride. The fact that we are in a very cold and windy time here helps to motivate me to the trainer.
I have also assembled my cold weather gear for commuting to work on the Surly. Gas in Palmdale has passed $3.30 a gallon, and that also motivates me to get off my duff and back into the habit of riding to work.

My Redline Needs a New Home!
Lastly, The fleet currently stands at four bikes, which means one has to leave. There is a three-bike limit here, and since I never have time to ride it the Redline Single-Speed has to go.
Here are the details...
2008 Redline 925 Single-Speed/fixed Gear
Size: 54 Cm
Wheels: 700 x 23.
Price: $250.00
A few minor scratches from commuting warfare on the train along with a few scars from the moving truck, but otherwise the bike runs pure and smooth. If you are interested, drop me a comment here. E mail or cell phone always are fine, too.
Let's get the New Year started!

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Trevor Woodford said...

Hi Jim,
Happy New Year from the UK.
Interesting postings and some nice images. I will link in and continue to drop by throughout 2011