Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Activities

Sunset at North Fork Park
Hi all,
Another busy week is in the books. Kathy and I, for two “empty nesters” sure don’t seem to spend a lot of time layin around doing nothing!
Someday, I'll learn what all the buttons do!
This last week was no different. Between work, Kathy’s teaching, and working on the tech. booth construction project at Aldersgate United Methodist, the week flew by!
On Wednesday afternoon, I did however make time to head to North Fork Park for a cross-country ski clinic. I hadn’t been to North Fork to ski in over ten years, and I was pleasantly surprised. The Ogden branch of the Utah Nordic Alliance has developed a core group of skiers, volunteers, and grooming equipment. Wherein the past, there was very little track being set, there is now 20 km of classic and skate track being set.
Looking east at North Fork...
Of course, this didn’t mean I skied any better! Actually, with temperatures hovering around 40, it was a very challenging day. The snow was soft, and I could feel the ski settle every time I transferred my weight. Our instructor, Abby Larson, a 2006 Olympian didn’t seem to have any problem! Having excellent technique sure helps!
Fun with black and white (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
With the mild weather, (morning temps around 30-32) I pondered riding the Redline down to the train and then to work. But with all the patchy ice in the bike lanes, I decided for the better part of valor to avoid skidding into a ditch.
Storm Mountain, (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Today, the weather is dry and chilly, and the roads are dry. With luck, I’ll get out for a ride around lunchtime.
More news next week!

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