Monday, November 17, 2008

A Fleet Upgrade...

The northwest Cache valley...
Hi All,
The Klein Panzer is for sale. Anyone interested in a low cost, yet somewhat tempermental commuter bike, drop me a note. We can work out a deal quite easily.
A neat paint job and logo...
Why is the Klein Panzer bike for sale? Because, I bought a new bike! Yes, the fleet has changed yet again. I guess it’s a continuing process; finding the right bikes for the right cycling task. You may have noticed in a previous post, the photograph of a nice single-speed bike. For several weeks I have been regularly browsing a local cycling classified page, in search of a low cost single-speed, or perhaps a nice touring frame bike. It’s a good site, however it seems that the majority of bikes were too big, too small, or $3,000 dollars.
Isn't it lovely?
Last week, I found an ad, listing a Redline 925 for $225.00. This is great news! However, the ad was 3 days old, and had received over 150 views. I was certain the bike was gone. But, wanting to be sure, I called the seller. To my surprise, he still had the bike, and actually hadn’t received many calls. I couldn’t believe my luck. The bike regularly lists for around $499.00 - $510.00, so I was excited at the prospect of a great bike, at a great bargain.
The bike is a lovely rust/bronze color...
The next day, I drove to Salt Lake City to meet the seller, and check out the machine. Just as it looked in the ad, the bike was in mint condition. Other than a few small scratches on the left chain stay, the bike was in brand new condition, and includes included brand new Randonneur Cross tires, fenders, and nice toe-clip pedals.
Would you believe I already have two offers to buy it!
So, now it is mine. With bullhorn handlebars, and a receptive and smooth steel frame, the bike is just a kick in the pants to ride. I will outfit the bike with all the necessary accessories, and continue commuting as long as the weather holds.
The fleet now stands as such:
The Barcroft Virginia GT All regular riding and distance events.
The Redline 925 Single-Speed for commuting and quick trips.
The Cannondale F7 Mountain Bike for trail riding and falling down.
A truly simple machine, perfect for commuting...
Why a single-speed you might ask? The main reason is simplicity. The bike has very few moving parts, and will withstand the rigors of commuting in all kinds of weather. The majority of my ride is flat except for the slow climb up the hill from the train station to the house. So, I will become a better spinner, and climber, too. The rear hub can also be flip-flopped and converted to a true fixed gear. Riding fixed gear will take a lot of education and training, and I will add it to the list of things to do in the spring.
More news and a report on the first commute later this week.


Jerome said...

Smoken deal! that's great.

Curious about the Klien, what size is it? I've been looking for a frame similar to re-build my Xtracycle on. You can reply to this comment or email me. jeromebikeATgmailDOTcom.


PoiterH said...

$225? That's cheaper than a cab fare. Good buy Jim.

Vik said...

Enjoy the new ride...=-)

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hi Jim,
Wonderful news. A new bike! Life is indeed Good, yes? All is well here. Windy-er than shit, tonight. But a nice diversion. Love, your Sis