Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shifting Seasons....

My first project with Light Room 2...
Hi All,
Well, an interesting Sunday here in Utah. Here it is, only October 12th and 3-4 inches of snow arrived overnight.
Who knew! This kind of storm is much earlier than the usual arrival of the cold weather. Thank goodness the forecast is for 70 degrees by the end of the week. I am fairly sure the higher altitude mountain bike trails will now be closed for the season.
My neighbor's tree, weighed down almost to the ground!
In other news, I have new photo editing software; Adobe Photoshop Light Room 2, was presented to me as a gift from my friend, Joe. He wanted to thank me for all the photo work for his son Jonathan’s wedding. Honestly, he didn’t have to do this, but it is much appreciated! Think of all the hours I will while away working on images when I am supposed to be getting things done.
Joe, all of the photo work and program work was a labor of love from Kathy and I, and we enjoyed working on the projects. As to the new software, Joe; you are most welcome!
No words necessary.....except gosh darn it!
In the cycling department, the Klein is in the shop. A few weeks back, the engineer on the train got a little heavy handed on the brakes, and the Klein fell over, breaking the housing on the front derailleur bar-end shifter. Suffice to say, uncouth words were spoken when this happened. At the time, it was a fitting end to an all-in-all rotten day.
But, all things work out. My friend Pete from Canberra, Australia had a spare housing and sent it halfway ‘round the world to me. Then, while working overnight on the graveyard shift, through the magic of the Internet and Skype Internet phone, Pete helped me take apart the old housing and install the shifter. It was a lot simpler once I understood how it all worked. Thanks, Pete!
Pete Heal (on the left) and Mike Priestly of Canberra, Australia.
And in case you didn't know, Pete from long distance has been a fine mentor in helping me understand distance cycling, and how to fix all sorts of minor issues on my bikes. He built the orange recumbent you see in the picture. I won't even mention the distance he rides every year!
And in the “I can’t make stuff up like this” department, I was at the bike shop on Friday to have them install new cable housings and calibrate the front derailleur. (I had reached the limit of my expertise). As the tech. put the Klein up on the maintenance rack, I looked on the stand next door, and there was the red Peugeot that I park the Klein next to on the train every week. Amazing. I just laughed out loud at the coincidence.
In any case, tomorrow, the Klein returns to me; new cables, new handlebar tape, new front shifter, new pump, and who knows, maybe a fender! Looks good riding weather later this week.
See you down the road.



Harding said...

Great post as always! How did you hook up with Pete in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Jim, thank you for the kind words. We cannot thank you and Kathy enough!

Joe & Maureen

Elizabeth said...

The pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing.