Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Commute

Speaking of commuting, recognize this commuter aircraft?
Talk about riding to work in comfort!
Well, as some people say, talk is cheap. As I mentioned last week, I intended to ride the Fast Red Bike to work at least once this week. With the price of gas approaching $4.00/gal., a more workable shift schedule, and (finally) some mild weather, all the pieces fell together to make commuting a reality.
Sunrise, about 5 miles north of the ARTCC
Thursday and Friday I was able to ride to work, saving 50 miles of driving. It’s only a small dent in the cost, but it’s a start at least. Why only 50 miles? Well, since my season is off to a slow start I didn’t want to overdo the first attempt. So, I drove the car and bike to the halfway point to Centerville, and rode the rest of the way into work. It worked out to be right around a 13-mile ride each way. So, assuming I at minimum ride 50 miles per week commuting, that means I will save one full tank of gas every 6 weeks. If I ride the full distance on Fridays the cost savings rise dramatically.
At least it didn't rain until after I got to work!
More importantly, I was able to enjoy two lovely morning rides on both days. I had forgotten how lovely peaceful and quiet the 5:30 AM rides could be. Of course, there are the usual challenges, especially during the afternoon ride back to Centerville: Traffic, construction, the traditional afternoon lake breeze, and of course, more construction. It seems like all of Bountiful is under construction. So far, I have only had to create one detour. During Friday’s ride in to work, I did see four other commuters on bikes. I will keep track of how many I see as summer approaches.
My luxury parking by the security office...
Speaking of functional cycling, please check out a new web page: Ecovelo, is a project by Alan Barnard addressing the use of bikes for a purpose. That is, using bikes for commuting, shopping, traveling, etc. Alan, who for years published a wonderful recumbent blog, has been moved by our societal and economic changes to now write about more global cycling issues. Please, I again invite you to enjoy his latest endeavor.
That’s all the news for now on cycling. Have a great weekend.
P.S. Someone LOVES me very much!


Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

still waiting for pics of Dan????

Gump in SLC said...

Jim, have you tried using the new Legacy Parkway trail as part of your commute? Is it even open yet?

Jim said...


As far as I can tell, the Parkway Trail isn't open yet. It will be great when it does, as it will end right about where I took the sunrise pictures about 4.5 miles from the office..

De JIm

Harding said...

I am commuting too this year when the weather is moderate. 20 miles roundtrip/day. I enjoyed Recumbent Blog, but Ecovelo is, at times, way too political for my taste.

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