Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reading and Riding...

The view from the top of Tanglewood, looking southwest.
Hi all,
A pleasant Tuesday morning here, and it’s going to be a lovely spring day. Perhaps I’ll make time for a nice bike ride. Today will be just a light spin as I am recovering from hard weight work this past Sunday, and 34 miles yesterday. Not allowing my legs a day of rest after the legwork at the gym was not the best plan, and after 5 years of riding, I knew better!

Speaking of knowing better, I picked up a new book on base conditioning. So far, I get the idea that I bought this book at the wrong time of the year, as the main thrust of the book is winter off-season strength and endurance training. Well, I can take the summer to learn the information, and perhaps apply it this coming fall and winter. I should pass on my thanks to my sister Patsy for the gift card from Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Gift cards are great! Initially they don’t look like much when you unwrap them, but they turn into a wonderful gift that arrives at any time of the year when one redeems it. And speaking of the bookstore, I am also reading Team of Rivals, the history of the Lincoln cabinet. It is hard work, but insightful and interesting reading of how Mr. Lincoln found his way thorough the maze of politics and war. There are certain politicians that I think need to read this book!
My trusty bike/travel camera...
Lastly, yesterday on my ride out to Antelope Island, (No bugs yet!) I tried to take a photograph with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 4300. Nothing happened! The shutter wouldn’t fire, and there was no “Battery Exhausted” message. This camera has been all over the planet with me for the last 5-6 years. 7,000 images later, and I can't imagine riding my bike without my camera! Right now I am charging the battery, and will see if the camera will behave under a full charge. If not I may have to find a replacement travel/cycling camera. The worst part of replacement is that small travel cameras no longer have viewfinders, and in the bright outdoors I can’t see the LCD screen to compose a shot! As Paul Newman said in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “Small price to pay for progress….”
See you on the bike.


Vik said...

I highly recommend any of Cannon's Powershot point and shoot line up. Don't worry about the view finder. You'll get good and just guessing what's in the frame and you can always crop your photo at home to get the desired effect. Almost 100% of my on bike pics are just me shooting away with the camera nowhere near my face.

With the 8 or 10 MP resolution most cameras have you can crop a photo significantly and still get a high quality result.

Dr Codfish said...

I goofed up a camera this winter myself. Well, let's say it pooped out on me so I know how it feels to be facing this bewildering task of camera hunting.

I think we are all inclined to recopmmend whatever we are using at the moment, so I won't. Like you I would prefer a camera with a viewfinder even though they end up being more bulky. My last camera, a Canon was pretty weather proof, I liked that, but it had a fairly long shutter lag which was a big pain. The one I have now, a Panasonic Lumix is the right size, and works for me ergonomically, but I am worried about it's ability to withstand the on-bike demands. Good luck.

About that LHT: Not sure you can find one in your area, but if so take a look at the Salsa Casserole. I predict it's the next new thing.

Do get a new camera, soon! I like your dry country pics!

Yr Pal Dr Codfish

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Dear Jim,
About the "they don't make new cameras with viewfinders"...
Oh, horse patooties!!! I will be angry if I ever need to replace my camera. I will require a view finder. Time to write the Canon Corporation a terse letter, ya think?
Love, Your Sister

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