Saturday, December 15, 2007

Season's End

Hi all,
Well, this week’s blog post brings a transition from the sublime temperatures of Hawaii two weeks ago, to riding and training in the winter cold. Yes, it seems we can’t stay on the islands forever; enjoying the warm ocean, the gentle breezes, and the everyday 80- degree temperatures. Enjoying the islands and the nice weather without actually having to work was truly the sublime part!
For the last ten days, I have been away from the bicycle and the weight room. In fact, I haven’t made time for any exercise at all. Between work, the winter weather, and the business of the Christmas season (note I said “Christmas,” not the politically correct euphemism: “holiday season”) 10 days flew off the calendar in the wink of an eye.
And this break was not altogether a bad thing. It gave my mind and body time to make a transition from the 2007 cycling season, toward the 2008 goals. A coworker asked me last week if I had marked my calendar for my long rides next year. And in actuality I had. I have peeked at the Idaho, Utah, and Arizona brevet schedules, and the 2008-century ride schedule in Utah, and at least marked some tentative dates on the calendar. Then last night my son, Paul even asked me what my mileage goals were for next year. He had a suggestion that if I set my goal at 2,500 miles, that I could draw the parallel that in meeting that goal I would ride the equivalent distance of riding from New York to Los Angeles!

So, with all this thought processes about riding in 2008, it was time to get out for a ride. Right now, I want to thank my new friend Mike from Salt Lake City, who came up to my neck of the woods to drag me out of the house to go for a ride. Mike is an experienced rider, but new to riding recumbent bikes. We had been talking back and forth on the Bentrider online forums for a few weeks, and finally our schedules and the snowy weather allowed for time to ride. Mike is a fine rider, and we had a great time riding the causeway, then up to Buffalo Point for a 20 mile loop. Yes, it was cold. 27 degrees and a brisk wind will definitely clear your mind! And of course, for the third time in three rides this month, I got the requisite flat tire!

Isn't that a lovely shade of purple!

Yours Truly, all bundled up
Mike is riding a lovely Bachetta Giro 20, and is already on the prowl for his next recumbent! He took a spin on my Barcroft, and I tried out the Giro, too. One thing I really liked about the Giro were the “U” shaped handlebars and the perfectly relaxed hand position. I am going to research the feasibility of converting the Barcroft to what is called an open cockpit style, with “U” shaped handlebars. Any ideas Bill?

That’s all the news for today. Next up, a post from the weight room and the pool.



Vik said...

I really like the OC on my Fujin. It is an option worthy of exploring...=-)

PoiterH said...

Great photos.
Aren't they salt lakes in the background? How come they look like thay have frozen over? It must be really, REALLY cold.

Jim said...


I love the open cockpit on my Volae - I know Bill took a hard look at my handlebars a year ago April during a WHIRL ride and seemed to like them. I'll bet he's got a way to get you there!

You ride in a really gorgeous area - although 27 F is COLD! Have a great season!