Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reflections on the Dark Side

Hi all,
Well, another week of dual-discipline riding; 32 miles on the Barcroft, and 90 minutes on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, learning downhill riding techniques on the Cannondale. My recent dual-discipline riding has led to some questions from my friends at work. One fellow from Area “A” that I passed in Mueller Park said: “It’s about time you got off that stupid recumbent!” While another who enjoys reading this blog thinks that my transition to the Dark Side is complete, and that soon I will be addicted to mountain bike riding, never to be found on the road again. And of course, a third associate from work told me (What I already knew) that there is plenty of room in cycling for both.

Who is right?

Well, the third associate, of course! I will give special credit to respondent #2, since I actually am having a lot of fun on the mountain bike. There are plenty of ways to enjoy cycling. Racing, mountain biking, snow riding (Check out this blog for someone who is truly nuts), long distance brevets, casual bike path riding, work commuting, and many other disciplines all have a place in the world of cycling.

Am I on my way to the Dark Side? Of course not. What I am on my way towards is being stronger, faster, and a better rider on any bike I ride. I enjoy riding 60 miles; I enjoy riding a trail; I enjoy finding a 50 Mph canyon to scream down; I even enjoy riding to the Post Office! And that is the moral of this little missive: To enjoy riding!
Which, is what I am going to go do now before it rains.

I couldn't resist....
See you down the road, on whatever bike you ride.

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