Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday News

Photo from my friend, Dorothy, of the UK.
(Jim, off the designated trail, again)

Happy Monday All.
I am writing this week’s edition while waiting for the sun to come up before my usual Monday ride. Today’s ride is a bit ironic as I am riding down to Farmington to pay my car registration at DMV. Wouldn’t be grand if cars were unlicensed and we had to wait in long lines to get our bikes registered? The rest of this week’s riding will be low miles and low intensity as I am riding the Heber Valley Century this coming Saturday. I have this rare but odd hope of sort being rested before the ride. To that end I spent this past weekend off the bike, eating well, and getting lots of sleep. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be mellow and I can launch off the start line rested and energetic.

In other news, I have been asked to participate on the Davis Bike Advocacy and Advisory Committee. I was contacted my Mark Kennedy, proprietor of Saturday Cycles, a small but very nice custom cyclery shop in Centerville. I had finally made it down one Saturday to visit and ogle some fine bikes in his shop. He also had some nice racks and Arkel saddlebags. The two items that caught my eye the most were the Shimano hub generator, and a lovely Redline 925 single-speed bike. I have toyed with the idea of a mountain bike, or a single-speed for off-season training, cross training, and perhaps to ride a trail or two. The Redline was a lovely little bike with fun mustache handlebars. Luckily for the budget's sake, the Redline was a 54 cm frame, and a bit too small!

Isn't it cute?
After my visit to the shop, Mark wrote me an E-mail asking about DBAAC, and I have accepted his invitation. Bicycle advocacy in Davis County is most definitely necessary, and perhaps I can help in some way. I am open to any and all advice from any readers who are involved in advocacy!

Note the Shimano Hub Generator.
And finally, one of my readers mentioned to me that he reads a lot of blogs just for the pictures! And it occurred to me that writing this blog has always been a challenge to either tell a story using photography, or to paint a picture through language. Perhaps in a later edition I will try both. One post with only photographs, and the next one painting pictures through language. An interesting thought, isn’t it?
Speaking of photographs, enjoy this last photo of some giant peaches we found at the grocery. I bought 5.5 lbs, of peaches and there were only 5 in the bag! Mmmmmm cobbler….

Yummy Peaches!

Have a great week.



Pete H said...

Shimano Hub Generators.
I believe only built for 26" and above front wheels.
Schmidt/Son hubs have a variant for 20" and smaller wheels.

wears thai pants said...

You know you've just gotten over a cold when; you see your dad's bike picture and instantly recognize EmergenC behind it!

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Go Red Sox!!

Harding said...

Lots of sleep is good before a ride, but even better after it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim -

Hope the ride went well yesterday. Your blog's photos AND text both tell some amazing stories...