Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why I ride the Island

Hi all,
This morning I decided to go for an early sunrise ride in hopes of beating the Saturday traffic, and to be able to enjoy the sunrise out on the island. I left the house around 5:40 AM, still dark but the glow over the mountains told me it wouldn’t be dark for very long. It was lovely riding this morning; quiet, cool, peaceful, the bike running perfectly. The plan was to enjoy a 40-45 mile ride and be home before 9 AM. That way it wouldn’t be too hot, and I would avoid the forecasted south winds.

Out on the causeway I paused to take sunrise pictures. It helped me to remember why I ride out here with the birds, the peace, and the lack of traffic. It was so quiet!

The Pronghorns were not happy to see me!
After I reached the island, I headed southwest up the hill towards Buffalo Point. Riding to the point is beautiful, and allows me the chance to get a good climb in too. Of course today, I had other issues, mainly a 2000-pound road hazard. As I made it over the rise, and rode west, I encountered a small group of bison. They were grazing, and also slowly walking across the road. Now, I don’t know about you, but when something that big is in the way, I wait!

Hm, Decisions, Decisions...

I chose wisely!
As I completed my loop and headed back home, I was struck by why I ride out to the island all the time when there are plenty of other fine loops that I could ride. Heading east on Gentile, I rejoined the population. It was a normal Saturday morning with everyone moving about; big dual axle trucks, dozens of SUV’s crowding the shoulder on the two lane road, construction barriers, and of course diesel exhaust.

A normal ride on Gentile...

See my spot to ride?

Then, I remembered why.

See you down the road.



Harding said...

Absolutely breathtaking!

Paul said...

You had a normal riding schedule this summer?