Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Harmon's MS-150

Hi all,

This weekend brings the long awaited Harmon’s MS-150 Mile Bike Ride to benefit the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Along with being a great charity benefit and a good cause, this weekends ride will serve as a barometer to measure whether or not I am ready for a two day double century, or perhaps a 300 km brevet in 2008. The entire spring season has been devoted to training for June 9th’s brevet, and the MS-150 this weekend. I am already excited to ride in two days. Many thanks to all who sponsored me; I broke $1,000 dollars in donations today!

The MS-150 will start both days at the Logan, UT Fairgrounds, with a 75 mile north loop on day #1, and a 75 mile south loop including a 13 mile ride up Blacksmith Fork to Hardware Ranch. As of this posting, there are over 2700 riders signed up. Also, this year, through a mutual acquaintance in our Walk to Emmaus group, I have joined a large team sponsored by ATK. (A large aerospace/rocket corporation here in Utah.) They and other sponsors have generously donated 100 bike jerseys for our event, plus free food Friday night! I am looking forward to the group picture on Saturday morning with all 93 of us in our regalia.

One concern of the day will be the temperature. The forecast for Saturday is for highs in the mid to upper 90’s! So, I will carry my 50 oz. Camelback behind the seatback, plus two 24 oz. water bottles. The ride is the most supported bike event in Utah and unlike the brevet two weeks ago, there will be plenty of food, water, aid and sag wagons on the route.

Mirror, Mirror, on the causeway

I have taken great care to rest the past ten days, only going out for a few spins, and one nice 30 mile ride last Monday. Hopefully, my legs will have plenty of zip in them this weekend.

Look for an update and report with pictures next week. And one more point to share; some you may have noticed the blue hyperlinks in my text. If you haven’t tried them out, they are pointers to the associated website. Give them a try!

Here are a few more snaps from my sunrise hike in Bryce Canyon.

Happy summer riding, all.

PS: The statue in the post two weeks ago is non-other than Jefferson Davis!



wears thai pants said...

nice pics of Bryce...looks like dare I say it, a cooler heat.

Harding said...

Breathtaking shots. I was at Grand Canyon last year with my kids and wanted to see Bryce but we ran out of time.

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Looking forward to seeing the group photo and perhaps a few of you in your fancy sponsored duds.
I am also glad to learn that this ride is "supported". I'll worry less. Go for it!!!!! Patsy

Vik said...

Yes wonderful photos. Utah is sooooo beautiful. Have a great MS ride...=-)

I'll be in the Mojave Desert that weekend camping under the fullmoon. Although not as striking as the Utah landscape the Mojave has a lot of subtle beauty to enjoy.