Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Links to Read

Greetings All,
Well, another busy week with not a lot of riding. The weather folks and my work scheduler are still not on the same page! Here’s to spinning on the fluid trainer in the garage. (That’s another post down the road).

This week I decided to add some new links to the sidebar. Please check them out. First is Joe Keenan’s blog about recumbent riding in Shanghai, China. I just found this blog, and already I am smitten with the fine photography and writing. Next up is a site about riding Brevet’s and serious long haul riding. The Long Haul comes from Michael Wolfe of Portland, Oregon. As you read his blog, take note of the distances he is riding on these Brevet’s. Also check out "Concerning Bikes", another fine Brevet Blog.

By the way, “Brevets” will be a featured subject maybe next week when I get around to writing it. I am beginning to get the itch to complete my first Brevet in 2007.

And as it is against tradition to post without a photo, meet my good friend Pete from Australia. Pete has been mentoring me down the road, providing encouragement and advice as I expand my cycling horizons. The photo was taken during a 1,200 Km Brevet from Perth to Albany, back to Perth two weeks ago. Way to go Pete!

Happy Riding, All


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